it's like your eyes are a portal to another dimension ever unraveling new places new ideas new perspectives it's like one look and you fall fall so deep you never know when you'll get out the gravitational pull is so strong that you try to avoid it but then you catch a glimmer of something… Continue reading portals



It’s … well whatever time it is when I send this. This isn’t going to you but maybe one day that time will come. For now this is for me. Your heart is beating, alive Well Going on Your mind is Drifting To her Of course When doesn’t it? It’d be easier to list the… Continue reading Wandering


I can see us running fast down the street at night the lights are blurring we are laughing and god in that moment I can feel everything I feel so happy and we can't stop laughing we're running, mixing with the blurs of our surroundings we're smiling so much our cheeks hurt and everything feels… Continue reading Blur



They say that love is friendship caught on fire but I think it's so much more than that. There's the love that you have for your friends and your family and then...there's your love for them. Your love for them runs so deep that sometimes it seems almost tangible. It's bizarre to imagine such a… Continue reading 4.29.17