It’s … well whatever time it is when I send this. This isn’t going to you but maybe one day that time will come. For now this is for me.

Your heart is beating, alive


Going on

Your mind is


To her

Of course

When doesn’t it?
It’d be easier to list the times

That it doesn’t wander

straight to her

Even when it’s occupied with important daily life tasks

She’s on my mind

Like oh do I have something to start a conversation with today

When am I working on that present

I hope she’s having a good day

It’s always


at the back of my mind

creeping out of the corners

of even the most mundane tasks



You’re alive

Your heart is beating

your mind is wandering

your heart is getting invested

But that’s okay

even if it isn’t reciprocated

Your heart will still beat

Your mind will still wander

but this time

onto other things

11:47 PM, 5.13.17

much love and good vibes PINK


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