They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder…and well I honestly have no idea how true that is. In this case I’ve got a little MIA on the blog and I’m not one to make excuses but there are genuine reasons as to why I haven’t been posting in the last week or so.

I won’t bore anyone with the details but the task of finishing finals, moving back home (around 6 hours), and getting readjusted is no easy one. Basically I’ve been busy trying to get myself back into a new routine and while I’m nowhere near settled I need to keep making times for the things that matter to me and this is one of those things. So I’m back and I’m back to stay. Hopefully my hunt for a job won’t super be taking away from my availability to write and even if it does I’ll be sure to put aside at least a little time twice a week to sit down and do something that I love (ahem, writing).

I should also clarify it’s not that I haven’t been writing because trust me I have. If I’m being totally honest I’ve written almost every single day for months but most of that stuff doesn’t ever get posted anywhere…I’m working on that one. A lot of it is poetry and short little bits and bobs of the like. Some of that has been posted here or made into other little creations. One of those being a little zine that I’m putting together, I say little as if it’s not 60 something pages right now. So…maybe it’s not so little after all. I’m just trying to find the ways that I want to let my little creations out into this world. This blog is obviously one of those places, my tumblr is another place where some of it goes, and I’m also going to try my hand at introducing it onto my instagram every now and again. Most of my stuff goes unnoticed and I think the best part about that is that I literally do not give a damn. Seriously, I don’t! Me putting my little creations out there is great for me personally, and if I get a little praise or a like or two along the way I’m thrilled.

Alright, alright, enough of that. My absence is over, no more excuses, I’m back and I’m back to stay along for a little, or not so little, ride. We’ll see where it goes.



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