Refresh, Reset, Repeat

Make time for what you love, who you love. Make the time for things that really matter to you. Screw the whole I’m too busy bullshit that people try to pull. If something is important to them they will make the time for it. One day you will find someone who will always make time for you even if they have a hundred things that need to get done. If you really matter to them, they’ll a tiny bit of time out of their day for you. Even if it’s only 5 minutes they still took enough care to find some time to dedicate to you.

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘I’m too busy to have fun’ or ‘I’m too busy to see the people I love.’ You need the break from whatever it is that’s keeping you so busy. You need to take moments to yourself, moments with your friends, moments of fun. Just anything that’s not a constant stream of work, work, work. You need to treat yourself right and make time for yourself. You should never be too busy to have a little fun, do the things you love or see the people that really matter to you. You are important so treat yourself how you deserve to be treated. Don’t fall into the trap of running yourself into the ground week after week. Take moments to yourself. Take the time to wind down. Let yourself refresh, reset and have a damn good time for once.

much love and good vibes PINK


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