They say that love is friendship caught on fire but I think it’s so much more than that.

There’s the love that you have for your friends and your family and then…there’s your love for them. Your love for them runs so deep that sometimes it seems almost tangible. It’s bizarre to imagine such a glorious feeling running through your body so deep that you can feel it. You can feel the way that they shook something inside of you enough to awaken some other part of you that you never knew even existed. It’s like a bear waking from hibernation, the subtle shift in the air awakens the already beautiful animal from their slumber and that’s what you did for me. You woke me from my slumber, reawakened a part of myself I had long forgotten was there. Maybe I didn’t even know it was there to begin with but now I do and I have you to thank for that. I may have been beautiful before but goddamn ever since you shook up my world I have become so, so much more. I could only ever hope that I have had a similar affect on you. I hope that I give you something that you never knew you had. I hope to love you in the way that you truly deserve. I want to give you my everything. I want to be the person that is by your side through it all, always rooting for you, pushing you to chase after your dreams, wanting to make our own adventures and really make something out of ourselves. I want to be there for you and whatever you may need. I could only ever hope that you want this too.

much love and good vibes YELLOW


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