Self Care

Today’s the day in which I delve into self care a little bit mostly because that’s been my personal focus of the day. That’s not to say that I don’t practice self care other times because I certainly do. Today was just one of those days where I really really needed to take some time away from responsibilities, my social life and anything that wasn’t me. I just needed a little mental reboot.

This all started out with making sure that I drank a whole lot of water because I desperately needed rehydrating after the weekend that I had. From there I considered working on art for a little while but found myself to be such an anxious little ball of unexpressed feelings and thoughts running a mile a minute that I couldn’t even bear creating anything. So I wound up getting up and going for a walk to give myself some space to get out of my head for a good long while. Honestly I thought it was going to be a little stroll around the campus but that very quickly shaped into a 4 mile wandering walk into nearby neighborhoods. Quite frankly I didn’t know where I was for the majority of that walk but only had a general sense of which way home was. In a way I think I needed that. It gave me a chance to do something mindless, simple. Just a walk down the streets just letting my instincts guide me.

When I finally returned to my room I was pretty quick to get a mud mask going because we all know that after a weekend like this one my skin is practically begging for a good cleaning. And now here I am typing away about this not so interesting subject. To be fair to myself I’m utterly exhausted because over the course of the past two days I’ve probably only had about 8 hours of sleep combined. Seriously exhaustion does not look good on anyone but on me…oh wow. I really got a proper look at my face when I was throwing water on it and caught side of the horrendous dark circles under my eyes that are so bad it looks like someone turned my face into their personal punching bag. It’s brutal and I can’t believe I walked around all day completely oblivious to this. Honestly my entire day makes sense now because I was getting all kinds of weird stares for much of the day and now I totally understand.

Alright alright on that note I seriously need to get myself to start winding down. It may not even be 8 pm yet but I really need to keep my mind as free as I can meaning I’m probably going to watch a Disney movie as soon as I hit post.

much love and good vibes PINK


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