Stream of Conscious

And so I missed a day on the halfway mark. I’d say that just about sums up my life but what can you expect when spring weekend, the essential three straight days of drinking at my college, and finals are approaching so quickly. Honestly, maybe I didn’t pick the best time to start this challenge considering that when I’m about to be wrapping up the 30 day daily writing challenge will be around the week of finals itself. Oh wow now that I’m thinking about it what an interesting time for me to choose to bring another task into my life.

Things have been ridiculously hectic between the mass amount of friends birthdays we just finished celebrating in the past two weeks, the approach of spring weekend, finals, and of course my mother’s birthday and mother’s day immediately after that. The time from April to the beginning of May is always a really hectic time in my life. Honestly I have at least 4 friends that were born in the month of April and then immediately after that I get to the planning of my mom’s birthday and mother’s day gifts. All in the midst of the approach of the biggest weekend of events and partying at my school and the eventual stress of last week of classes before finals week that immediately follows after it.

I’m in for a busy couple of weeks honestly. Especially considering right after finals do finish up and I take the 6 hour journey home I will be having a job interview within that week. Hopefully if I do get that job I’ll be starting full time shortly after that and working 40+ hours a week which is something that is probably going to take some serious getting used to. So when I take that into consideration maybe starting out this 30 day daily challenge now was a fairly good idea considering all of the adapting I’m going to have to do in the month of May. So instead of posting daily around that time I’ll probably switch to a couple times a week on a very loose schedule that will revolve around all the other aspects in my life.

I realize this probably isn’t of much interest to anyone else out there and seriously I totally get you. This is simply a stream of consciousness to get everything off my mind before I go to sleep. Obviously with all of the things I’ve mentioned comes a great deal of stress and a very hectic schedule that I’m barely managing to juggle successfully. This weekend is a much needed break in which I am also celebrating a very personal milestone. It simply happened to have fallen on the same weekend of the biggest celebration that we have here and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

On which note I will let you in on my personal milestone. As of April 21st, 2017 I will be 1 year and 6 months on testosterone or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It’s a huge personal milestone for me as it’s something that was a very important step for me to take in my life. I’m incredibly happy to see how far I’ve come in the past year and half. Hell even in just the past 6 months I have changed so much. It’s such a huge day for me personally and even for my friends as well. They’re all so happy and proud to see how far I’ve come since meeting me our freshman year of college. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

Alright I’m going to end this off now before I get too all over the place on you. I wish you all a great night, or day, wherever you are in the world!

much love and good vibes PERI


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